MBEIC Impact Awards

As part of the MBE Input Committee’s ongoing effort to realize our mission and celebrate successes, the Carolinas-Virginia MSDC Annual Meeting serves as an opportunity to offer special recognition to its Corporate Members.

This year’s awards are intended to reflect broader categories of significant contributions to the Council and MBE Community. The awards also recognize those who’ve responded to the current and future needs of the Council, its mission of facilitating greater participation of the MBE Community within the supply chains of its Corporate Members, and the ongoing development of leaders within the MBE community.

The MBE Input Committee values and appreciates the contributions of all CVMSDC Corporate Members. To ensure that we recognize overall contributions of those generating the most impact on the MBE community and Council mission during this particular cycle, recognition will be given in the following categories:

Best Program Alignment Award
Best New Program
MBE Advocacy
MBE Development Award
Raising the Bar Award
MBE/Council Impact Award
Corporate Total Impact Award

Please join us in recognizing those who have made significant contributions to sustaining the Council’s overall mission and providing positive economic impact across the broader business community.